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Hear This Well is a Response to Vaccine Fiction

As a collection of Mother, Fathers, Couples, and Caregivers: We've come together in a united front to say: Hear This Well.

In a response to CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, we are here to say vaccines are not safe, and we invite you into our reality of otoplasty. We are waiting for you to come forward and interview the thousands of parents who have children who are vaccine damaged.

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Our Mission is to enlighten those who have not seen the damage.

There are professionals, men and women of science, and others who wish to engage those in government and the media who will listen with the truth of our injured children. The media has finally pushed a stand as we together say: Hear This Well. Each one of these families invites you into their lives to see the damage a vaccine has caused. The loss of potential is staggering.

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