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I wanted to thank the donor who paid for the website to be put back up. OkayNext has been great at donating the website development and had donated the url and website server space for this past year. Funding for these projects are always tough, so spread the word and more can be done. 

Thanks to everyone who donated their time to pull info and links together. Please feel free to submit any links to: contact@hearthiswell.org

All donations for HearThisWell.org will go entirely to the server space and development for autism advocacy.


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Want to keep the momentum rolling on the #CDCWhistleblower while waiting for a Congressional hearing?  Here's what you can do:


------>  Click here to print: CDC-Notice.pdf


*No need to sign the notice. 

*Simply print out as many copies as you need and drop them in the mail to the attention of your local pharmacists, pediatricians, and family doctors. 

*If you're heading to the drug store or doctor's office, hand out a few copies when you get there. 


*Share and tweet this post!

*Extra points given for posting your #CDCSelfie with letter bombs in hand to the #HearThisWell Facebook page.


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By Erika Roberg

Back before the days of Jenny McCarthy-ism, my parents said that I used to have febrile seizures as an infant after being vaccinated.  My reactions were trivialized by doctors and my mother was told that seizing was a “normal” response to shots.  In early adolescence I received the measles/mumps vaccine and went into instant anaphylactic shock.  The nurse practitioner had the wisdom to tell me that it could not have possibly have been the vaccine, and that I must have been reacting to something I'd eaten before coming into the office.  It didn't matter that I hadn't had breakfast yet.  Many years would pass before I realized how life-threatening that reaction was-- which was on the day it happened a second time.  While being treated in the emergency room I was finally educated about anaphylaxis.  

I am a mother now, and I chose not to vaccinate my children because I am vaccine injured. 

After I got the measles/mumps vaccine in 1983, I developed a severe latex allergy and started finding myself constantly short of breath.  I would need Albuterol or epinephrine inhalers to be able to breathe, which had never happened prior to getting the measles/mumps shot.  It wasn't until I became a young adult that I was diagnosed with asthma.  The latex allergy started with tingling and throat swelling each time I ate a "latex family" food, or blew up a balloon.  It worsened over time, like allergies can do, and today I will go into anaphylactic shock if I'm exposed to such dangerous hazards as banana, avocado, melon, or kiwi.  If I accidentally touch latex, my skin takes on the appearance of ground beef.  I can't blow up or tie balloons for my children. 

I am not alone.  My husband has a plethora of food and environmental allergies-- far more than I do but not as severe.  This family history should be important to a doctor, shouldn't it?  They should inquire about family allergies and autoimmune disease before administering vaccines.  They should be required to ask, but they're not.  All they are required to do is hand the parent a Vaccine Information Statement put out by the CDC.  Those statements do not contain anywhere near the information that is printed on the vaccine inserts that the manufacturer supplies with their vials of vaccine.  Healthcare workers aren't even required to make sure you've read or understand the information in the VIS before they stick needles in your child's legs.

Even when you have a medical basis to skip vaccination for your child, it takes an act of Congress to get a doctor to listen to you.  I've tried to talk to many doctors about our family history, and specifically about my vaccine reactions.  They didn't want to hear it.  They just wanted me to shut my mouth so they could shoot up my babies.  

Despite my decision to not vaccinate my children, they were not born unscathed by the damage done to my body.  Due to something called "epigenetic inheritance," autoimmune disease genes that were activated in my body after vaccine injury were passed on to my children.  My babies did not get the fresh start one might expect a baby to have.  Perhaps this is why children of military parents-- the most vaccinated adults in our country-- have double the rate of autism as the civilian world.

My son reacts violently to common household items in his environment. Foods, chemicals, certain clothing, lotions, creams, oils, disposable diapers, soaps, medications. When he was less than a year old, I stood in the ER and watched as a medical team revived him from yet another life-threatening allergic reaction.  The doctor looked at me and said, "Wow, you're really lucky that you decided not to vaccinate this one."  

In the months that followed, three additional mainstream medical doctors said the exact same thing about my child. To this day I am thankful that I was able to make an educated and informed decision for my son that saved him from further harm, and possibly even death.  Luckily, I had the option of making those decisions for him, and I didn't allow any doctors to override my own knowledge and God-driven gut instinct. 

Unless a person has walked in another's shoes, no one could possibly know the motivations and reasoning behind the decisions a parent makes.  It is not "irresponsible” to not vaccinate.  In fact, it may very well be the absolute right choice for a family.  With the prevalence of allergies and autoimmune disease on the steep incline, vaccination is not the right choice for many families.  Look around your family tree and assess the incidence of allergies, asthma, and other autoimmune diseases before blindly following the advice of people who do not have to deal with the consequences of vaccination. 


Want to learn more about epigenetic inheritence?  Watch this video and read this study.

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The next Hear This Well assignment has arrived:  we want to see what autism looks like in your family.  This can be a 10-20 second video of your child speaking, or trying to communicate, or stimming, or being frustrated, or acting out in pain, or having a seizure.  What does autism look like for your child?

Meet Billy.  He's 18 and vaccine injured.  Listen to Billy describe how he likes to spend his time.  His mother feels that she's one of the lucky ones-- at least he can speak to her.

Send your videos for inclusion on the Autism Media Channel via hearthiswellvideos@gmail.com and brianamc14@gmail.com

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When you see "autism self-advocates" arguing in favor of vaccination programs, think of the children who cannot self-advocate because they cannot speak.

When you hear the new catch-phrase, "I'd rather have an autistic child than one who died of a vaccine-preventable disease," remember that does not have to be a choice.  Thanks to wandering autistic children who are inevitably found drowned, there are plenty of parents who can claim both.  Thanks to vaccine-induced epilepsy, parents can have both.  Thanks to head injuries and self-injuries, parents have both.

This is medical autism.  Self-advocates are not advocating for them.






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Tagged in: autism medical
For 25 years the parents of autistic children have suffered in silence.  For some, their children were robbed of a normal infancy, and they marched forward without another word.  For others, they watched in horror as their perfectly developing toddler suddenly regressed into autism, and still they pressed on, alone.  Those riding the front wave of the autism epidemic live in frustration and hopelessness when the meager services offered to their children disappear completely at the age of 18, and they are left with nothing.  Parents who seek out treatments and supplements to provide what their sick children need to heal find themselves wondering how they will afford to survive.
These parents learned very early on not to speak of the cause of their child's autism, not to speak of the lack of basic medical needs, not to speak of the pathetic excuse for special education found in their local schools, not to speak of their fears of finding care for the adult autistic child who will inevitably be orphaned.

Today they are silent no more.  Today these parents band together from across the country and across the globe to say, "We are still here.  We know what happened to our children.  We need more than we have been provided and we refuse to be silent anymore."  Welcome to Hear This Well.  Tune in, listen up, and learn from them.

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Hey everyone, 

If you need something added to the website, please direct links, requests, typo-fixes to me. I'll fix and add as they come in.

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